It is no longer news that Nigeria still suffers poor electricity supply with all of us scrambling for generators to support what we get from the grid but that generator is killing you. Let’s skip the blame game and try to look through our electricity supply or rather backup supply through a different glass prism.

Think about this for a moment:

How much do you spend to power your generator in a month?

Have you thought of other options?

Have we really leveraged these alternate sources to their Optimal Capacity? ….

Let me take a Wild Guess

You know there are other alternative sources of power like the Wind Turbines and Solar panels, but that knowledge ends with the documentary on discovery channel or when some ‘over-sabi’ friend of yours is trying to show knowledge. In fact, most people opt for generators as alternative source of power our homes and business places, because we feel it’s the cheapest and most affordable alternative which can be easily and readily accessible anytime of the day.

News flash – it is not. Apart from the environmental Hazards and risk of damage to appliances after prolonged use, it is also literally one of the most expensive alternate source of electricity to actually own.   

For instance, Mr Amadi, a well renowned tailor at  Rumuola ( a popular Port Harcourt Suburb) claims he has been using generator for his business for the past five years.  He confessed that he has changed the generator just two times and for him, he thinks its better than using NEPA and cheaper when compared to other forms of electricity. .

When I informed him about Solar and wind turbine, he just Sighed “even if they ask me to pay for two years, I will not pay finish, that thing too cost”. Now that’s the general belief of almost every energy consumer out there, basically because they lack the required information to make an informed decision on energy source and its alternatives.

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