Fashola FG Releases N268Bn for Power, Works, Housing In 2016 Fiscal Year


Nigeria, a country of approximately 186 million people according to the 2016 census, has about 90 million of its citizens living without electricity supply – that’s a huge fraction of the 1.5 billion people estimated to lack electricity supply the world over, half of which live in Africa and as a result spend scarce resources on kerosene and other fuel for lightings.


At 58, a country should be able to provide a good job, shelter and above all, steady electricity supply to each of its citizens. But this is a Nigeria at 58 where over half of her citizens cannot boast of up to 10 hours of electricity supply in a day, heck, some don’t even see have supply for days unend as they are entirely without supply. This is the stark reality – whether the story is about fossil fuel generated power supply or electricity gotten from renewable energy, it’s always a disappointing tale.


The Federal Government’s sudden interest and willingness to rehabilitate electrical facilities across the country like the rehabilitation of electrical facilities in Ondo which has been neglected for over 10 years stands out as a possible politically motivated project as  documents made available have not shown timelines and project deliverables.


Until the recent season of electioneering took over trending conversations in Nigeria, the FG through the Federal Ministry of Power has engaged in serial media fights with the investors in the Nigerian Power Sector. In an era of collaboration and collective project designs to drive development we have become embarrassing with the spate of blame sharing while failing to take responsibility for our continued failure in provision of a basic public service.


As it stands, there lies no hope in sight for the nation to achieving constant electricity supply if we do not have a road-map for collaborative designs and investment between the participants in NESI. We must define what guides government investments in the power sector, how those investments can be complimented by the distribution arm of the value chain and how the collections can be guaranteed through metering and monitoring.

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