With the popularity of Solar as an alternative source of power on the rise, it is no wonder we are experiencing amazing innovations like this one “ The Solar Window Charger”.

This Superb Tech was designed by Kyuho Song & Boa Oh in Korea. This portable device is intended to enable you use electricity freely and conveniently in a space restricted in the use of electricity, such as a plane, a car, and outdoors.  

With this technology, people would be able to charge their phones, laptops, and other electronics by simply finding the nearest window.

The Window Socket attaches easily to any window and is charged with solar energy that is then converted into electric energy through a converter.

Fighting for a spot near an outlet at coffee shops, restaurants and even airports would be a thing of the past. And, of course, producing electricity from clean sources is always a good thing.


  • It consists of built-in technology to protect the device from over-charging and overheating.
  • The Window solar charger contains an LED charge indicator on the bottom edge which shows a red light when it is charging and turns green light when its battery is full or the device is powered up.
  • Window clings solar charger is an eco-friendly process as solar energy is used for charging and it contains 5.5V and 1800mAh Lithium battery which can be rechargeable with input and USB output cables.


In Theory, anything that can be connected using a USB Device can be charged by using this technology.


How it Works:

Solar Powered Window Charger Project:

  • The Window solar charger is stuck to the glass of a window as it has silicon pads on the ABS plastic case and this setup uses solar energy to charge your mobiles. its surface is adhesive and it will get stuck to any glass surface or window then,  all you have to towards the rays of the sun the mobile gets charged.
  • The electricity produced by the solar energy is utilised by the charger for getting charged itself and later this charged energy will be transferred to the mobile. Finally, the battery gets charged and charges the phone.
  • Direct sunlight exposure of mobile for charging does not harm the phone. It only produces energy and charges the device. Solar energy is a renewable power.



  • It helps you save electric bills
  • The solar panel stores energy and these solar battery chargers are easy to carry.
  • It can be used to charge mobiles, laptops and various electronic equipment.
  • Bigger battery chargers are utilised for digital cameras, laptops, MP3, and iPod.
  • The main advantage with this solar window charger is that it does not require any external power for charging other than solar energy.
  • It is cost effective as the cost is not involved once the charger is purchased.


  • The solar Window charger requires light to work means sunlight is needed for the device to get charged.
  • Charging the equipment with the help of solar window charger Might take more time when compared with general charger.


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