Daswon Hotel, Port Harcourt Guilty Of Electricity Theft

ELECTRICITY: How can I check for Electricity Theft In my home?

Electricity theft is a major concern for Customers especially those using Meters. Customers now have to pay for what they use Irrespective of whether it was used by them or not. Customers sometimes complain of the meters reading very Fast, They blame it on the DISCOS, without first checking for possible causes like;

  • Failing appliance (e.g. refrigerator that runs more often)
  • Arcing wires (this is a fire risk, but without AFCI’s may not trip the breaker)
  • Seasonal changes
  • Theft (either before or after the breakers)

The truth is that any of the above-stated problems can cause you to use more than your projected monthly bill.

Here are some simple Techniques for identifying Electricity theft/Leakage, You can do it by yourself or employ a suitable technician to do it for you.

  • To check for theft, start by checking the electricity usage of every device and compare to the meter rate.
  • From there it’s a process of elimination. If the meter is registering more usage than you have devices for, then shut off all the breakers.
  • If the meter stops, then turn on breakers one by one and compare the usage of that circuit that you measured with what the meter shows. This will identify the circuit that is using excessive power.
  • Then once the circuit is located, turn off all devices on that circuit to see it’s a problem with a known device or if there’s something unknown using power on the circuit.
  • for a known device, double check every device when it’s used individually against what the meter measures.
  • If it’s an unknown device, trace the circuit or consider disconnecting the line/load connection in the circuit to locate the device.

If after you run these basic checks and you find out that the fault is not from your house or your neighbors, You should contact your electricity provider, immediately.

Do you have any other ways to identify Electricity theft? Please drop it in the comment section below


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