FG Targets 30% Renewable Energy By 2030

FG has said it is targeting a 30% renewable energy composition in the country’s energy mix by 2030. Mr Babatunde Fashola, stated this on Monday in Lagos at the 2018 pre-conference workshop of the Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationists, adding that FG is committed to diversifying the nation’s energy mix through renewable energy.

Currently, Nigeria has an energy mix comprising of gas-fired power (85 per cent) and hydropower (15 per cent). He said: “Let me be clear and unequivocal by saying upfront that our commitment as a nation and government to pursue renewable and low carbon energy at low cost is clear, firm and unshaken. But this is not all. It is a commitment driven by necessity, contract, and policy.”

According to the minister, the government had taken steps to match its intent with actions such as the signing of 14 solar power purchase agreement with 14 developers with the potential to deliver over 1,000 megawatts of solar power.



Discos Yet to Meter Six of Every 10 Electricity Users in Nigeria, Says NERC – ThisDay

NERC on Monday disclosed that in every 10 users of grid-generated electricity supplied by the 11 Discos in Nigeria, six of them have remained unmetered, thus stating that the practice of estimated billings by the Discos is still prevalent. NERC also indicated it was about to introduce a regulation to cap estimated bills given every month to consumers by the Discos. It equally noted that in the regulation, which it has asked for stakeholders’ input, consumers who reject meters installed at their premises by Discos would be cut off from electricity supplies.

In the consultation paper on the capping of estimated bills, which NERC posted on its website, the commission said the 11 Discos with a customer base of 8,292,840, have been able to provide meters for just 3,591,168, while 4,701,672 have been unmetered as at August 2018. NERC explained that the percentage of unmetered customers was 57, adding that the practice of estimated billing by the Discos has resulted in payment apathy.

It said to cap estimated billing by Discos, it was considering options such as a cap on estimated billing based on the projected average monthly consumption of each tariff class in the Multi-Year Tariff Order (MYTO) model; application of the average consumption of each tariff class within a franchise area as the cap for estimated billing of unmetered customers; and capping the estimated bill of consumers within a business unit to the average vending of the same tariff class within the area.




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