How To Manage Electricity Bills In Nigeria

Towards the end of every month, electricity consumers are faced with the issue of sorting out energy bills, which never puts a smile on their faces.

However, one can pay very minimal amount for tariffs if they know how to effectively keep their electricity consumption in check.

Here are some simple and effective concepts, tricks and hacks to keep your electricity bills in check during this harsh economic climate.

Energy Efficiency:

The goal of energy efficiency is to optimally utilise the least possible amount of energy to achieve your tasks by using energy efficient appliances.

This simple and effective technique can save thousands of naira in electric bills.


Prepaid Meters:

If you don’t have a prepaid meter, you should get one and if you have one already, you can get a smarter one.

The goal of prepaid meters is to allow for complete transparency as customers buy units of power and can clearly monitor how the power is utilised.

Prepaid meters put the power back in the hands of the customer (figuratively rather than literally) and allows them to choose how much power they want and how they intend to use it.

Recently, due to electricity theft and over-billing issues, DisCos are starting to employ smart meters which are even more accurate in reading power and more difficult to bypass.


Energy Conservation:

Energy conservation is lisn’t so different from Energy efficiency. While energy efficiency seeks to adopt alternative methods to deliver the same services with less power,

energy conversation seeks to eliminate excess use of power by simply shutting down appliances when not in use.

This involves putting off all appliances and sockets after work or when leaving the house (except it is absolutely necessary that these appliances stay on).

Energy conservation can be regarded as one the oldest tricks in the book to manage electricity bills.


Avoid Running Into Debt Before Attending To Electricity Bills:

Debt operation might be a viable economic concept for business conglomerates but it certainly isn’t for consumers of electricity.

Sadly, paying bills after running into outrageous debts is common practice in this part of the world.  Waiting till these bills accumulate can be a dangerous practice as it becomes more herculean to attend to these bills eventually.


Keep An Open Mind And Stay Up To Date On Tariff Changes:

Electricity tariffs are constantly on the up and it is important to keep a close eye on these tariffs and make necessary actions.

This might not necessarily exclude you from the ups and downs of the economic crisis but it at least gives you some heads up.



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