How To Calculate Electricity Bill Using ePadi

Electricity bills are recurrent every month, they have become part and parcel of our financial obligations as end users of electricity supply. It is expected that the amount stipulated on the bill is directly proportional to the amount of electricity consumed, but sometimes, this is not the case.

 When you get your electricity bill each month, you may not think a whole lot about what goes into it. Every appliance or electronic device adds a little something to your bill. By figuring out what the biggest energy hogs are in your home, you can adjust your usage by unplugging or simply using the device less. Every change you make should help whittle down your energy expenses.

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Calculating the energy cost of an appliance or electronic device is fairly easy. Most devices have a label that lists how much energy it consumes. It’s either on the device or in the owner’s manual. You will need to find this number to figure out how much the appliance is costing you. You will also need to estimate how many hours a day you use a particular appliance, putting into consideration the number of hours of electricity supply per day.

Our platform tool, My Epadi has created an avenue to help all electricity consumers calculate how much energy they consume. This helps you know what your bill is. Also, Spark media is currently working on developing an Epadi app that will help individuals calculate their electricity consumption at their convenience, this app is expected to run on all devices, one only needs to download the Epadi app from the app store of their respective device.

Follow these easy steps to Calculate your Electricity Bill Using  Epadi:

  • On the home page of, click on My EPadi. It is located on the extreme right of the menu bar.
  • Be sure to note down all the electrical appliances you use in your home as this will be required while filing the form. Also, recording your hours of supply is required. It is also pertinent to take into cognizance the number of hours of power consumption per day.
  • Choose your electrical appliance (one at a time), the power consumption is automatically filled depending on the appliance, appears in kilowatt-hour (KWh). If a bulb is selected, the expected power consumption is 0.014kw.
  • Select the number of bulbs in your house.
  • Fill in the hours of supply/hours of usage.
  • Select the DisCo that serves you.
  • Click on Calculate.
  • The same procedure is followed for every electrical appliance you own and use.
  • Finally, you sum up the entire calculated amount for each appliance. That is your electricity bill for the entire month

It is worthy to note that the total amount derived from the DIY calculation you may not be entirely accurate. A small fraction of errors must be considered (+/- 20%). However, Epadi would give you a fair idea of how much to expect as your bill by the end of the month.

What better to financial planning than using My Epadi?


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