Fashola’s Gaffe Over Poor Electricity – The Guardian

Minister of Works, Power and Housing, Mr Babatunde Fashola’s outburst blaming the private sector operators the other day over the intractable poor power supply may have put paid to any glimmer of hope of a turnaround in the sector. What a great disappointment from a government that has been raising the hope of people, in this connection. In what appears as a clear admission of failure, the super minister, unabashedly, told Nigerians not to blame the federal government for poor power supply.

This is a public relations tragedy at this time of reckoning for the government that has been in power for three and a half years of four-year tenure. The Minister who spoke at a stakeholder meeting in Abuja advised consumers to direct their complaints about poor power supply and faulty equipment to DISCOs and GENCOs.

According to Fashola, “If you don’t have electricity, it is not the federal government’s problem, take the matter to the people who are operating the power sector, generation and distribution companies. There are problems without a doubt and we must deal with them. But let me remind you, all of the assets that the Ministry of Power used to control for power have been sold by the last administration before I came”.


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