5 cool gadgets that can help reduce your electrical Bills 2019

Have you ever imagined how much you spend on electricity every year? well, the numbers might look small but if you calculate it in the long run, the figures won’t be quite pleasing.

And it’s not just about the numbers actually, the amount of electricity we’re consuming on a daily basis is also releasing harmful pollutants in the environment.

So, guess it’s now time to look for an alternative source of power supply that can help cut down the cost of paying these huge electrical bills whilst keeping our environment Green.

For starters, here are 5 cool gadgets to help you reduce your electrical bills

Solar Generators

Tiny solar chargers are cool, but if you’re looking to really take advantage of solar power, Solar generators are the way to go. These 150 – 210 WH generator can power laptops, cell phones, and lights with a built-in AC inverter. The more powerful generators can even power Ac’s, TVs, and refrigerators.


Smart Bulbs

LED bulbs are not uncommon these days, and they don’t exactly cost the earth anymore. They’re a worthy investment, especially as the days get shorter, but smartening them up can help you control your usage by controlling the bulbs. These smart Led bulbs turn on automatically after a power failure. It could be powered by electricity, water, and the human hand.


Windows mounted Phone Charger

It is all about your handheld devices. This window-mounted solar charger ensures that they stay powered throughout the day even if you are nowhere near electricity. All you have to do is put the charger on a window with direct sunlight,  and it can fully charge your device within 10-15 hours. it Can keep up to 1800mAH of power

If you are one of those people who find that you constantly have to look for a wall socket just to keep your phone on, then this is the right device for you.

Rechargeable Solar Fans

If you live in the tropics, you would agree that it is extremely hot most times, . Hence, there is a need to get a cooling system and appliances to reduce the heat.

Rechargeable Fan is one of the cooling appliances that is affordable and cheap for home and office use during the shortage of electricity. The rechargeable fan is a device that can work when there is electricity and also charge its battery to retain power so that it can work perfectly when there is no electricity at home or office without any extra cost on the bills.

Solar Backpack

8 solar gadgets that will help to reduce your energy bills

Voltaic OffGrid backpack

When you’re on the move, this incredible backpack lets you charge your gadgets on solar power. The built-in panel provides a maximum output of 6.15W at 6V, meaning your phone will charge in 3.5 hours. Meanwhile,  unused energy gets stored in the integrated 4000mAh battery.


Save More Today

If you wish to cut down on your energy bills or go completely off-grid, these gadgets will help you take a step in the right direction.

Do you know of any other energy saving gadgets? Tell us in the comments!




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