ADF approves $149m for private sector – the nation

The African Development Fund (ADF), the concessional window of the African Development Bank Group, has approved $149 million credit risk participations in seven loans under its Private Sector Credit Enhancement Facility (PSF). Launched in 2015 by the ADF, the PSF provides credit risk participations in private sector operations of the African Development Bank in low-income countries and is on its way to building a $1.5 billion portfolio of exposures. A statement from the bank said seven operations include senior loans targeting renewable energy and agro-industry sectors in Uganda, Sudan, and Cameroun among others, as well as lines of credit to lenders in Liberia and Mali.

“These approved operations bring the facility’s total portfolio to over 40 per cent of its $1.5 billion target size and increase the PSF’s footprint to 29 countries. They deliver on our mandate to contribute to development impact through enabling additional financing of private sector projects in low-income countries.”, says PSF Administrator, Cecile Ambert. The operations were prioritised in light of their superior expected development results and additionality; particularly in terms of increased access to electricity, food security, and job creation.


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