How To Deal With Energy Vampires In The Home

The never-ending rise of electricity prices has made many consumers assiduous about how they make use of electricity. It is quite frustrating, the daily or hourly efforts of the consumers to turn off devices that are not in use, has turned out to be very futile as they still end up with a high electric bill.  Do you know there are appliances in your home suck energy even when they are switched off? They are not actually switched off but in standby mode. These electrical products are known as standby power, energy vampires or phantom loads. Vampire products draw about 24 hours a day whether “on” or “off”. And roughly 10% of your electric bill comes from the appliances you have turned off.
What are Energy Vampires?
Energy vampires refer to the way electric power is consumed by electronic and electrical appliances while they are switched off or in a standby mode. They are appliances that keep consuming energy when it is not on and running

Ever wonder what energy vampires are, well here are Top Examples:
1. Television Sets: Almost every television set is fitted with a standby mode. This means that you can actually switch the television on and off but can automatically activate back on when you simply press any button on your remote. It all on depends on the type of model of television set you own, on some models, simply pressing the on/off button activates the standby mode, while another model requires you switch them off at the plug point. So imagine how much power energy wastes if you rarely watch TV.
2. CD and DVD Player: These are appliances are huge energy wasters and constantly use up power unless you switch them off at the power socket.
3. Video Games: Video games are electronic appliances that are energy hungry. I bet you didn’t even know this. They can waste a huge amount of electricity. Switching off the unit only puts it in standby mode. To reduce the energy waste, just simply turn off the main on/off switch on the unit or switch off at the power socket.
4. Pc and Laptop: Often times, we are guilty of this, I mean very much. Leaving laptops and PC switched on with screensavers floating around and plugging into their chargers suck a huge amount of electricity. It is more economical to switch them off when not in use, or when fully charged.
5. Cell Phone Chargers: You can’t count the times you have left your phone charger plugged in right? You forget about them until a need for it arises. This goes on and on every single time. But do you know even if a charger isn’t in use but still plugged in, it sucks energy? It might not be so much when you add even the small amount of energy consumed to your electric bill, but there is always a difference, it matters too.
How to eliminate phantom loads:

One of the ways to be energy efficient in eliminating phantom loads is to simply unplug the appliances after use: Here are ways to save energy and money by eliminating phantom loads:
• Switch to Smart Power Strips: You can reduce unnecessary electricity consumption- saving energy and money when you use smart power strips to plug in your appliances. Smart Power strips are time controlled power strips that can help you cut energy consumption during the hours of use. It helps to reduce the energy consumption of the appliances that are always in use.
 Upgrade to Energy Star Appliances: You can upgrade your appliances to “Vampire Proof” appliances. They range from TVs to refrigerators to toasters. When shopping for a new appliance, look out for the Energy Star labels that signify energy saving potential.
 Unplug Devices when not in use: Some appliances are infrequently used and can simply be left unplugged. They include the mixers in your kitchen used for baking, or other kitchen devices in which you don’t use often. Make sure you do a routine check to unplug all the appliances left plugged when not in use.


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