How To Reduce Your Electricity Consumption In 6 Simple Steps

Having trouble reducing your energy usage is commonplace today especially for customers on prepaid service plans,  if these costs are not checked a customer might end up spending a fortune on energy bills at home or at a place of work. With the changing trend of the Nigerian electricity industry and the constant push towards increased metering, the customers must learn the efficient use of energy to keep within their budgets.

Let me share a few tips on how to cut that token zapping lifestyle of yours:

  1. Turn off lights whenever you leave the room, you could also invest in bulbs with in-built motion sensors, these will automatically turn off when you exit the room.
  2. Turn off appliances which are not in use, switching off your AC, refrigerator and other sockets is key to managing waste.
  3. Buy only energy efficient appliances, always look for the energy efficiency rating on the package before you make a purchase. Appliances marked A+++ are the most efficient.
  4. For appliances with compressors, look out to see if it is inverter compliant. It is usually written on the surface of some products like washing machines, air conditioners and refrigerators.
  5. If you use hot water regularly, it may be more economical to boil your water on the gas cooker or to install a solar water heater.
  6. Switch to LED bulbs, they may be more expensive at the point of purchase, but they will serve you much longer than any other bulb and will consume much less power. This ensures that you spend less.

Get with the program and I assure you that you will be saving a few thousands monthly on your energy consumption.



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