FEDCO Hits Landmark Achievement For PHED

The Feedback Energy Distribution Company, FEDCO, has recently hit another landmark achievement for one of her partners, PHED, when she masterminded a new collection agent for PHED.

The new collection agent was initiated to create a better customer experience by eradicating the challenges facing her customers in connection to bill payment through her newly introduced collection agent, Easypay.

This initiative which is without doubt a milestone on customer service experience will reduce customer down time by offering faster and more efficient service through easy-to-use navigation and faster processing of data.

Easypay which also offers opportunities of real time update on bill payment to PHED, will provide customers with choice of collection/payment gateway in a most seamless manner offering an even greater customer experience.

Customers are therefore called to cue into this initiative and make their payment transactions through Easypay by logging to the website, www.phed.com.ng for a new customer service experience.

Dilip Kumar,
Chief Projects,


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