PHED Planned Outage Alert

                                                          PLANNED OUTAGE ON PORT HARCOURT LINE 1 & 2

PHED wishes to inform her Esteemed Customers that there will be a planned outage on Afam Port Harcourt Line 1 & 2.

Date: 15/05/2019

Time: 10.00hrs to 12.00hrs

Areas Affected: Elelenwo, Port Harcourt Town and Port Harcourt Mains transmission stations but the latter will island to Omoku GT and Transamadi GT during the period of outage.

Reason: To treat Jumper cut on Line 1, tower one at IPP end and Line 2 will be out for safe working space.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause while assuring the areas affected that normal supply will be restored once maintenance work is completed.


Ethereal Goddess Ambrosia...

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