Advanced Clean Energy Summit, 2019

American society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) is set to host the event, Advanced Clean Energy Summit (ACES) 2019 coming up on the 16th to the 17th of September, 2019 at the Curtis hotel, Denver, Colorado, USA. The event promises to be a forum for energy industry professionals and inventors in the clean energy sector. Different ideas and expertise concerning clean energy would be brought together and the opportunity to learn and network, with others in attendance would be made possible and this will leave room for collaborations to happen.

By attending Advanced Clean Energy Summit, prospective attendees would gain exclusive access to companies in search of innovative ideas that would help in addressing challenges facing the clean energy sector, thereby unveiling opportunities for clean energy as well. Advanced Clean Energy Summit is open for senior industry executives, product development managers, and small business owners. Those planning on attending the summit will be provided with tools and knowledge to aid their organizations to overcome challenges and in the process, this would help shape the future of clean energy around the world. The keynote speakers that will be at the event are Dr. Michael Webber, who is the Chief Science and Technology officer at ENGIE and also, Dr. Peter F. Green, the deputy laboratory Director for science and technology at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

Those in participation will benefit from the sessions, workshops, discussions, and panels which the summit promises to hold and through these engagements, they will build up their portfolio on how to leverage knowledge gotten during the summit, improve project and product economics, adopt the best practices and lessons and also, invest and implement new technologies. The Advanced clean energy summit is not free and has a registration fee for different categories of people planning on being in attendance and the registration closes on the 17th of August, 2019 and for those planning on registering after, there will be would be additional charges to be paid. To find out more about the summit, Click here

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