Forum of revolutions in renewable energy in the 21st century (FOREN-2019) is set to hold on the 7th till the 9th of October, 2019, and the venue for the event is the Holiday Inn Rome, Pisana in Rome, Italy. The theme for the event is “the prime priority of the 21st century”.  This event has been put together by Innovinc International and is targeted at Researchers in academic and the non-profit sector, graduate students and post-doctoral researchers and industry professionals. The forum has a list of 13 keynote speakers from different disciplines lined up and for those who have written works they would like to submit to be looked at, have been given the opportunity to submit their written works before the time for the forum.

At this event, people from the top international academic, government and private industry in different discipline are invited and will be given the chance to participate in Forum of Revolutions in Renewable Energy In 21ST Century (FOREN-2019) to point out new and improved technology, development tools, product opportunities and RD collaborations. Students will be given the privilege to meet and have discussions with top researchers about their works and the way forward in regards to the renewable energy sector.

The forum promises to host renowned speakers, world leading CEOs, directors, decision and policy makers, which will give those in attendance the chance to network and garner knowledge. Aside that, the participants stand to gain a lot by being kept abreast on all advances in renewable energy and also, research organizations will stand the chance to collaborate with industries in order to share their research ideas which could lead to implementation. The event is not free and those planning to attend have to pay a fee depending on what category they fall under. To know more about this event, visit the website

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