International solar energy society (ISES) solar world congress (SWC) 2019 is set to begin on the 4th to the 7th of November, 2019 at the Parque Araucano Conference Centre, Santiago, Chile and this event will be hosted by Solar Energy Research centre (SERC-Chile).  This conference will be held alongside International Energy Agenda (IEA) and solar heating and cooling programme (SHC), important partners and contributors to solar world congress (SWC) 2019. The international solar energy society (ISES) solar congress has been held biennially since the 1950’s and its main objective is to maintain communication between the research community, industrial and political players in renewable energy field.

The focus of the congress will be on the various technological innovations and their application that can bring progress in the renewable energy sector. It will also focus on interactive sessions and practical representative on the new and innovative renewable energy developments and a side show including workshops, conferences and work meetings in order to stimulate interactions among stakeholders, link up researchers, developers and financiers to the opportunities and demands of the region in the renewable energy sector.

Key topics to be addressed in the solar world congress 2019 include technology innovation, policy development, financial opportunities and community and grass-root actions that will help bring the vision of achieving 100% renewable energy to a reality in the cities and regions.

The congress promises to foster an atmosphere for networking and social activities. Aside that, those in attendance will be privileged to go on technical tours and this will include visiting the very large solar systems operating or being deployed in the Atacama Desert.

To be a part of this highly impactful upcoming event, registrations are ongoing and it includes a discount for early registration and extra charge for late registration. To know more about the upcoming congress, visit the website


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