MAP: What you need to know

What is MAP?

MAP stands for Meter Asset Provider, a new type of service provider within the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry (NESI) recently unbundled from the DisCos to facilitate the provision of prepaid meters to electricity consumers around the country. The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) issued the Meter Asset Provider Regulations 2018 (The MAP Regulation) last year.

The key regulatory objectives of the MAP Regulation are to encourage the development of independent and competitive metering services in the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry (NESI) and to attract private investment in the provision of metering services in the NESI (NERC’s Regulatory Objective), This would help alleviate the financial cum liquidity challenges faced by DisCos with regards to metering consumers. By way of statutory mandate within the MAP Regulation, DisCos must now engage MAPs in order to achieve the metering targets set by law.

Since MAPs are private investors, who is paying for the meters?

Consumers may choose to pay upfront in full or pay in instalments through programmed deductions from payments made for electricity consumption

What are the benefits of MAP?

  • MAP would help eliminate estimated billing and engender accurate and fair billing of customers.
  • It would give the consumers the opportunity to control how much they spend on electricity.
  • It would help the DisCos improve on debt recovery and consequently on infrastructure maintenance and supply.
  • Map would help improve energy efficiency among electricity users

What are the requirements for getting metered through the MAP initiative?

The consumer must be debt free. Heavily indebted consumers would be invited to attend a bill revision camp in order to set modalities for the amortization of any outstanding debts before they can be metered.

Will everybody be metered under MAP?

Everybody will have the opportunity to be metered under MAP. Since MAPs are now independent service providers unbundled from the DisCos, metering will be a continuous process open to every electricity user at any time in so far as they meet the requirements

How much do the meters cost?

MAPs shall charge an upfront amount of N36,991.50 for the single-phase meter and N67,055.85 for the three phase meters.

How long after payment will installation be carried out?

Meters will be installed within 10 working days after payment

What should I do if I have a faulty meter?

Faulty meters are replaced for free within 2 days of notification provided the damage was not caused by the customer

When does MAP commence?

MAP has officially commenced. Get in touch with your local DisCo to find out their metering timeline

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