Smart Energy and Renewable Resources (Smart Energy 2019) is a conference scheduled to kick-off on the 16th to 17th of September, 2019 in London, United Kingdom. The conference is one that aims at promoting smart energy and enabling new and creative innovations for future smart energy.  The event promises to be the perfect opportunity for researchers, companies, clean-tech providers, service companies and engineering contractors to come together, sharing ideas and coming up with never before seen innovations and solutions to already existing challenges experienced in the smart energy sector.

The Smart Energy and Renewable Resources 2019 conference is the 5th edition of the smart energy event being held by LexisConferences. In line with their vision, LexisConferences through the Smart Energy Conference, will help serve as an outlet that brings about dynamic and modernized research through the discussion of energy scenarios and possible solutions. Smart energy is the future and has posed to be a sort of challenge for most IT organizations; hence the importance of the conference, as it will focus on all aspect that would help in solving the challenges in the smart energy sector.  The conference will be for two days and will showcase people, Projects and products that push solar, storage and smart energy to bigger and better innovative heights.

Smart Energy conference will have keynote speakers from different fields and essentially, for likely participants hoping to submit an abstract of their works will have their abstracts reviewed by the Abstract review board (ARB) once it has been submitted. Those planning on being in the conference will get the opportunity to network and meet people from different fields and expertise. The chance to share ideas and get answers to questions relating to smart energy and energy in general will be had, which could foster collaborations. This event is not free and if you are planning on being a part of it; a fee is expected to be paid. For more information on the conference, visit the website:  www.lwxisconference,com/smartenergy

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