African Solar Energy Forum, 2019

African solar energy forum 2019 is an event scheduled to hold on the 16th to the 17th of October, 2019 at Golden Tulip liberation Road, Airport, Accra, Ghana. The forum is mainly targeted at CEOs, VPs, heads, Directors, managers, specialists in different areas like renewables, solar technology, power generation, utilities and grid operations, solar development, electricity distribution, environmental engineering, original equipment manufacturers and project managers.

This forum will delve into 15 topics on solar energy like energy storage systems and technology, solar energy investments, prospects and market impact, establishing the digital energy transition in Africa, etc and they will all be dissected in respect to improving solar energy use in Africa. Those in attendance will be given an overview of emerging issues and trends in relation to solar technology in Africa. This platform is also open to native government officials, technicians, engineers, solar energy experts, entrepreneurs and business developers. It will serve as an avenue for the natives to network and exchange knowledge with representatives from top international solar companies and foreign government agencies. This will serve as an avenue for both and will foster sustenance of relationships with international communities to bring about support for the development of sustainable energy industries in Africa.

The African Solar forum 2019 has 22 speakers from different fields lined up, and the conference will be impactful as it will help those planning on attending; understand the strengths and weaknesses of deploying solar energy in comparison to other renewable energy sources, position for solar energy market of tomorrow, take advantage of an opportunity to meet stakeholders in an informal setting and much more benefits.

In order to be a part of the conference, registrations are still ongoing and attendance is not free, as a sum will be required to be paid in order to attend.

To know more about the conference, visit the website:

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