International Conference on Renewable Energy and sustainable Built Environment (ICRESBE) 2019.

The International conference on renewable energy and sustainable build environment is a one day event scheduled to hold on the 14th of September, 2019 in Luxton Hotel, Bandung, Indonesia. The conference is organized by sustainable higher development of sustainable region and the theme for the event is ‘Renewable energy and sustainable built environment’.

ICRESBE 2019 is a conference which hopes to put forward a platform on which there can be collaborations between researchers in respect to renewable energy technologies, bioenergy and sustainable built environment. The conference promises to give room for ideas to be shared, dissected and promoted. Also, there will be a breakdown of research for the bioenergy researchers and NZEB researchers in order to create a relationship between the two to enable innovative ideas.

The objective of this conference is to foster a gathering of interested people in order to breed discussion and garner knowledge on innovation of technology that could bring answers for contemporary challenge in renewable energy and sustainable built environment in Indonesia and other countries around the world.

Those planning on attending this one day conference will gain knowledge from six different topics set out to be dealt on and the topics are Renewable energy and application, Bio-refinery, building energy simulation, Net zero energy building, passive design in buildings and  sustainable matrix. The conference has been designed around these topics and will be intensively dealt on.

There will be four speakers from different fields at the conference and those who plan on submitting their written work still have time to do so before the deadline. In order to be part of the conference, registrations are ongoing and a fee is expected to be paid to gain entrance. To find out more on the event, visit the website:



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