Materials challenges in alternative and renewable energy (MCARE 2019) is a conference scheduled on the 19th till the 23rd of August, 2019 at LOTTE hotel, Jeju Island, Korea. It is a conference organized by the Korean institute of chemical Engineers (KIChE) and American ceramic society (ACerS). In a bid to develop a sustainable energy environment, the need for alternative energy solutions has up a search for the academic and the energy industry.

Materials challenges in alternative and renewable energy 2019 is a conference that will be focused on emerging materials for a profitable and sustainable global society and the conference will bring about a blend of experts from universities, sustainable energy industries, P&D laboratories and government agencies, and with this merge, there will be opportunities for communication and collaboration that will prompt the birth of innovations, ideas and plausible solutions in the area of alternative and renewable energy.  There will be a series of presentations on the topic solar fuel presentation, perovskite, next generation solar cells, batteries and energy storage systems, thermal-to-energy conversion, etc. Those planning on being in attendance will get the opportunity to learn about these materials, how far their innovations have gone and the challenges being faced in the production of these materials in the alternate energy sector.

The symposium sessions of the conference will be focused on solar fuel production, which is an artificial system that offers the chance for generating renewable transportation fuels to replace fossil resources. The symposium will be based on the progress of  alternative energy and issues facing alternative energy sector.


MCARE 2019 conference will also discuss materials and technologies needed to implement state-of-the-art technologies of alternative and renewable energy. The event will feature 4 plenary speakers, 3 keynote speakers and 21 invited speakers.

In order to be a part of the conference, it is important note that a fee is expected to be paid in order to be in attendance. To know more about the conference, visit the website:

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