2nd International Conference on Smart Grid and Renewable Energy (SGRE 2019)

2nd international conference on smart grid and renewable energy is scheduled to hold on the 19th to the 21st of November, 2019 at Doha (a stunning city known for its confidence and style), in Qatar.

Due to the importance smart grid and renewable energy is having in the power sector; this conference has been set up to explore the plausibility of other related technologies. The SGRE 2019 is the second edition of this international conference to be held and it will focus on a range of topics relating to smart grid, renewable energy, power electronics, controls, manufacturing, communications and computational intelligence.

This conference is targeted at academia, researchers, industries and those with keen interest in energy in relation to smart grid and renewable energy in order to push science, technology, and engineering. In this conference, an array of topics will be handled and there will also be special sessions where seven different topics will be discussed. This conference will have four key note speakers from different fields relating to energy and aside that, there will also be students and young professionals tutorials and industry link speakers.

For those planning on attending SGRE 2019, the opportunity to meet and network with people in the energy field will be given, as well as the opportunity to share ideas and proffer solutions to questions that may rise. For students, SGRE will offer grant based on research done and how good it is and all that is expected of the student is he/she has to be eligible for the grant.

As part of the activities expected to take place during the conference, there will also be a workshop sessions and for anyone willing to be a part of this conference, it is expected that you pay a fee. To find out more on this conference, visit the website: https://www.sgre-qa.org/


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