Digital Solar and Storage 2019

Digital Solar and Storage 2019 is a conference scheduled to hold on the 5th and the 6th of November, 2019, at Brussels, Europe and this event is powered by Intersolar Europe and EES Europe. The event has been brought up because despite the versatility and popularity of solar, it is still very much untapped. It has not been exploited when compared to the excitement it has garnered recently. The aim of the conference is to bring up innovative plans that would lead to its complete utilization and benefits.

In this two days conference, those interested would have  chance to join high level executives and key players in the energy industry, who make decisions in order to move solar forward. The programs listed include but are not limited to: Energy storage: technology, policies and market update, B2B matchmaking meetings, solar mobility: digital solar and storage’s role in the transport sector, etc. this event hopes to bring together complimentary sectors: solar, storage, digitization and transport. Through this event, solar, storage and digitization will be known as the leading event and will go on to shape power, heat and transport sectors. For those planning on being in attendance, they would get to promote their businesses and be privileged to have their horizons broadened.

This event will have an exhibition section where SolarPower Europe will present its first e-mobility technologies and products. Those participating will get the chance to witness and observe how the future of renewable based clean mobility will be. Also, there will be startup awards where SolarPower Europe will present the 2nd solar and storage start-up award after a competition has been done.

For those planning on being a part of the event, registration will require a fee be paid to gain entrance. To know more about this conference, visit the website:

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