Clean Energy Investment and Finance Forum (CEIFF 2019)

Clean Energy Investment and Finance Forum 2019 is a conference scheduled for the 18th of December, 2019 at Mumbai, Maharashtra, in India. This is the only event held in India that focuses on the latest financing developments in the area of renewable energy projects, Assets developments and optimization, merger and acquisition, Risk management and mitigation, Capital raising strategies. This will serve as a forum that focuses on government policies and its roles in providing finance towards the growth of the renewable energy sector.

This one day packed conference has plenty in store for those who plan on being in attendance.  There would be peer-led discussions on industry trends and available opportunities, aside that. there will be interactive sessions, in order for those in attendance to gain insights into the various aspects of the industry.  There will also be opportunity to network with peers, meet new people and the privilege to share experiences and  learn from others would be given. A question and answer session will be had at the end of the day. Attendees would have the privilege of garnering knowledge in the various aspects that has to do with renewable energy financing.

This conference is targeted at leading project developers, investment bankers, private equity investors, venture capitalists, advisors, utility representatives, institutional investors, key players in the industry and those with keen interest in all things renewable who would love to learn more about renewable energy and its financing.

CEIFF will have six speakers lined up and as part of the sessions scheduled for the day, there will be an award session where awards will be presented to people based on different categories.

For those planning on being in attendance, tickets have to be purchased online in order to attend and to find out more about this conference, visit the website:

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