International Conference on Green Energy and Recycling 2019

International conference on green energy and Recycling is a conference that has been scheduled to hold on the 2nd to the 3rd of December, 2019 in Berlin, Germany and the theme for this year is ‘Green Energy: Brightening Up the Sustainable World’. This conference is targeted at researchers, scientists, stakeholders, decision makers, innovators, product developers and others with interest in Green Energy and Recycling. The two days event will provide a chance for research works to be shared and deliberately analyzed, in order to bring solutions in the area of Green Energy and Recycling.

This event will also serve as a platform for those planning on participating, to share and promote their products, so that others can learn and information can be garnered as well. There will be ten keynote speakers lined up for the conference, each from different fields; to spearhead topics they are passionate about and impact knowledge.  This conference promises to give participants and those planning on being in attendance the opportunity to network among themselves and this could lead to collaborations, thought provoking discussions and simple sharing of ideas. Aside the opportunity to network on an international level, those in attendance will also get the opportunity to learn in a new space and build a new customer base. The opportunity to establish brands would also be had.

The International Conference on Green Energy and Recycling is one that holds a promise of making a change and should not be missed. For those who are interested and would like to be a part of the conference, it is expected that you register online in order to gain entrance and to do that, a fee is expected to be paid. To find out more about this conference, visit the website:



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