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How To Contact Your Energy Supplier

October 16, 2018 Princess 0

Sequel to our last post on how to fix crazy electricity bills, which is a common problem shared by majority of electricity consumers, it is important for one to not only lay their complaints but […]

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How To Fix Crazy Electricity Bills

October 9, 2018 Princess 0

One common problem electricity consumers have in common  is the problem of over billing that comes with Estimated Billing System popularly known as EBS practised by almost all the DISCOS in the country. The crux […]

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How To Resolve Prepaid Meter Issues

September 25, 2018 Princess 1

Using prepaid meters are great. One major advantage is that you pay as you go which gives you the power to control your electric bills. For instance, you can decide on: How much electricity you […]

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How To Recharge Pre-Paid Meters

September 20, 2018 Princess 0

Recharging pre-paid meters is something almost every energy consumer deals with. Whether you already have one installed in your home or would sometime in the nearest future, knowing how to recharge and check your balance […]

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September 6, 2018 Princess 0

Let’s talk a bit about lightning, this takes place during storms. Storms typify the rainy seasons, during this, a period we experience an enormous amount of rainfall with a minimal amount of sunshine in between. […]

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September 4, 2018 Princess 0

Rainy season is a time when we experience an enormous amount of rainfall almost on daily basis with minimal sunshine between. It is also common to see a lot of flooded areas during this period […]

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August 30, 2018 Princess 0

Generators are part and parcel of most Nigerian homes and offices. They are one of the surest lifelines in the case of power outages – Whether it runs on Premium Motor Spirit or requires diesel, […]

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August 21, 2018 Princess 0

  A battery is a vital part of an inverter, the performance and life of n inverter largely depend on its battery. To get optimal output from the inverter systems, one must know about the […]

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