Outage Alert

AEDC Power Outage Alerts

November 26, 2018 Princess 0

AEDC apologizes to our esteemed customers for the Power Outage they are currently experiencing in the following areas:   Aco Estate, Sabon Lugbe, and environs over the loss of their supply, our technical team is […]

Outage Alert

AEDC Outage Alert

November 23, 2018 Princess 0

Power outage in parts of Kuje, Union homes, Maddona court, Sauka, Angwaun Gede, and environs is due to a technical fault on the 11kv Feeder serving the area from Kuje Injection Substation. Measures are been […]

Outage Alert

AEDC Prolonged Outage Alert

November 22, 2018 Princess 0

Power outage in Trademore Estate, Lugbe Across, Piwoyi, Pyakassa, Aco Estate, Aleeita, Chika, Zones 1-9, El-Salem Estate, Pent House Estate and environs is due to a fault on the 33KV feeder from Kukwaba. We regret […]

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