How To

5 steps to Fix an Electrical Short Circuit

January 15, 2019 Eze 0

Typically, a short circuit takes place when an electrified wire comes in contact with another wire carrying current, or a small section, and a connection of less resistance is created. In simple terms, A short circuit is […]

Outage Alert

Ikeja Electric Planned Prolonged Outage Alert

November 3, 2018 Princess 0

Dear customer, Please be informed that there will be a prolonged outage to enable us carry out some rehabilitation work at the Agege Injection Substation, from 5th-20th November, 2018. The rehabilitation entails the replacement of […]


How To Prepare For Power Outage

February 20, 2017 Tomide Adeyeye 0

Every day we hear news of impending outages all over the country, and while these can be very upsetting, there are steps to take to cope with the menace of power outages. Here are some simple […]