We have the capacity to produce 50,000 smart meters- Manufacturers in Nigeria

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Nigerian smart meter manufacturers have spoken out insisting that government intervention is needed for the firm to thrive in the energy sector.

The chairman and CEO of Mommas Engineering Meters Manufacturing Company Limited (MEMMCOL), Dr Kolawole Balogun, last week highlighted that his company has the capacity to produce 50,000 smart meters per month, while other smart meter manufacturers have the ability to produce 20,000 each per month.

Balogun pleaded with the government to proclaim an enabling regulation that will enhance support for locally produced electricity smart meters and products.
He, however, said that this capacity has been under utilized due to very low support from the government and the current electricity boards.

Other metering companies include; MOJEK International, UNISTAR High Tech Limited, Electricity Meters Company of Nigeria (EMCON) and SWEDEN Nigeria Limited.
He explained that government needed to invest heavily in the sector and, through its regulatory authorities, ascertain that these products meet international standards.

Balogun further outlined for the need to issue licences to more companies, after accreditation in order to supply the markets with enough and quality smart meters.
According to him,”Investors here and abroad will begin to look into the power sector to stock it with much more funds than we presently have. With time, Nigeria will run an efficient, steady-state power sector to be envied”.

H further said, “We can migrate in progression to include the manufacturing of power transformers of higher standard and quality than what is obtainable abroad. If we start with meters now, we will get to transformers soon. Let the government throw the first shot, the local manufacturers are ‘all hands on deck’ to deliver.

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