Erosion Threatens Hydro-Power Project


Moves by the Government to support electricity supply across the nation through the development of a hydro-plant on Mambilla Plateau in Sardauna Local Council of Taraba State may have started to face one of the hardest difficulties.
The host community of the project is at the edge of being cut off by ravine erosion. An outskirt settlement with Cameroun, Lakkitaba, is supposedly in the struggle of eradication if the issue was left on hold.
Motorists and travelers negotiating Gembu, the administrative headquarters of Sardauna and Cameroun, according to reports, being left to devise an alternative route.
The Guardian, during a visit to the area, observed that the erosion had eaten profound into the main motorable road leading to the project site, a development that has imparted misery in the people as regards the coming into realization of the esteemed project.
Some community leaders, who spoke, said the project would beyond any doubt be affected if nothing was done direly to fix the federal road, as it would play host to Heavy machines during the construction.
The Head of the community, Alhaji Hammidu Umar, have urged the government to handle the threat quickly. Also, commuters urged speedy intervention to fight off avoidable loss of lives and properties.
Yerima Hassan Aliyu, The council’s vice chairman, who affirmed that that the state government had been written, added, “This is a federal project but I am very certain that our governor, who is an architect by profession, will give all the needed help to fix the road.”

Speaker of the House of Assembly, Abel Peter Diah, lamented about the hardship of the people, called on the federal government “to come to our rescue by bringing to an end this ongoing erosion that has taken over the major and only road leading to the site of the project.”

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