West African Countries Meet to Improve on Electricity Supply

Delegates of West African nations will one week from now meet in Lagos to plan a workable diagram for steady electricity supply in the sub-region.
The Chief Executive Officer of Flintpostures, Mr Oti Ukpai, the coordinator of the meeting, unveiled this in Lagos at a Roundtable with columnists to declare the second West Africa Power Summit (WAPS).
The topic of the summit is: “Creating Sustainable Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution Networks for West Africa”.
Ukpai said the summit would unite specialists and partners in the power business from Ghana, Republic of Benin, Nigeria and other West African nations.
According to him, “electricity supply in Nigeria and other West African nations is by the day getting to be un-urging to us as people, private and open associations. We truly need to see advancement in Nigeria and other West African nations, and an ideal approach to do this is to meet up in guaranteeing connected relentless electricity supply in the sub-region.
He added, “This summit will unite governments, private financial specialists, organisations and residents from the locale. The point is spotted our area on a feasible and prosperous way by evacuating obstructions that have kept on hindering relentless force supply in our nations.”
He said the speakers and discussants were chosen to consider on the dire requirement for the region to concentrate on rural electrification, alternative and renewable energy sources.
He expressed good optimism that the arrangement and access to the relentless power supply would advance financial improvement, as well as would effectively interface the region with the rest of the world.

Ukpai added that the summit was jointly being organised by Power for All, Council for Renewable Energy, Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) and other energy organisations. 


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