Benin Electricity Company Tops Metering Roll-out Rating By NERC


The Benin Electricity Distribution Company (BEDC) came top in metering progress performance rating report among Electricity Distribution Companies (DisCos) carried out by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) in its second quarter 2016 state of affairs of the electricity supply industry.
According to a statement, the report, which came on the part of additional 100,000 metering plan for the remainder of this year announced recently at the power sector stakeholders meeting it hosted in Benin, indicates that BEDC scoring 65.30 percent to emerge overall lead performer in metering progress aspect of the report which shows the percentage of customers metered.
BEDC had demonstrated its consciousness of the metering gaps existing across its various customer classes and had commenced the process to cover the metering gap for existing customers in its franchise.
The firm has been proactive in the installation of meters having installed over 120,500 meters since the takeover. It has taken advantage of both the commissions CAPMI Scheme and own funded meters. More than 90,000 out of these have been installed in 2016 alone.

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