Nigerian Navy Lauds Eko Electricity Distribution Company


The Management of Eko Electricity Distribution PLC (EKEDP) Festac Business District recently paid a courtesy visit to the Nigerian Navy, NNS Wey.
The visit was to strengthen the relationship between the two organisations and to urge the Nigerian Navy to increase its monthly bill remittances to EKEDP, as the payment earlier made was adjudged a far cry from the present billing of the military body.
The Commander NNS Wey, Cdre MB Nagenu and his team made up of Lt Cdre I.A. Asiemo, Lt Cdr A.S. George, Lt Cdr M. Baraya and Lt C.G. Udeh received the District team.
In his speech, the Commander disclosed that he had written to the Naval Headquarters requesting for increment of the monthly monetary allocation for the settlement of electricity bills.

The Commander also commended the EKEDP for its responsible, active and cordial public relations approach and disposition, which has encouraged the NNS Wey to increase its commitment to payment of its bills.
In the entourage of the Business District were Engr. Adediran Senior Manager Distribution, who also represented the District Manager, Mrs I.S. Wàkama, Mr. Adekunle, PM Billing, Mrs. Vera Ogugua Commercial Manager and Mrs. Amah Corporate Communication Manager.

Eko Eectricity Distribution Company


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