PHED Launches Energy Efficiency Program And Online Payment Platform


Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company, yesterday October 21st, 2016, became the first in Nigeria to launch an Energy Efficiency Program.

The unveiling was done by the CEO Jay McCoskey. Also, present at the event was the Commissioner for Power Hon. Micheal Eleonu Anwuri, represented by Engr. Anama Lucky, Vice president of the Rivers state Hotel Association Engr. O.O Ezenekwe, PHED Head of Customer service Dr Godwin Orovwiroro and members of the press
C.E.O Jay McCoskey

In his opening speech, Mr. Jay McCoskey gave an insight on plans which the PHED have to provide adequate power supply to the four states which it covers. He said

“Nigeria’s power infrastructure has been under invested for 50 years making it almost uninhabitable. People who expected the privatisation three years ago to immediately change the power situation overnight are living in a fantasy. However, variable and adequate supply and affordable ratings are the future of Nigeria and PHED is committed to searching for opportunities to improve service to our customers”

“In the past year have identified 15 critical feeders and identified heavy consumers that we have tied to embedded generation, so there is continuous power and we have upgraded those lines. We also identified 10 priority lines to give almost the same level of attention as the critical lines. We have supplied these lines over a 100,000,000 kWh this year”

“We have projects in the pipeline with Rivers states and the other four states for an additional state of the art 24/7 lines. In a bid to reach out to our customers more, we began a power clinic with Idea Health. These consumer engagement events have consumers come buy for free medical health services and also interact with PHED customer representatives”

“The response has been so great that we hope to incorporate a power clinic in each of the 43 Integrated Business Centres across the 4 states PHED is covering. We now have a 24/7 call center available to consumers and anti-theft and anti-corruption hotlines, to help check electricity theft”.

“We also have the mobile numbers of over 90,000 customers using the 15 and 10 high-level lines to inform them via text when there is an emergency outage. This is to improve our line of communication with our consumers”
Mr Franklin Ajaegbu
Mr Franklyn Ajaegbu, the manager of the Energy Efficiency Program reiterated that this initiative was developed to help customers manage energy efficiently to reduce wastage and consumption. 120 schools and 20 homes have been adopted for the pilot phase of the program. This program will enable electricity consumers to save about 25-30%, enabling them to control their consumption relative to what they can afford. PHED is also partnering with 10 hotels to put down half of the payment for an extensive audit to enable them to ease into the Energy Efficiency Program
PHED also launched an online payment platform in partnership with G-pay to help ease payment and to help cut down collection loss. Online payment can now be done from the comfort of the home, office or even the mobile phone.

To make payments online simply visit and click payment.

To report electricity theft and corruption, call/text/Whatsapp call 09085555055 or visit


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