How To Prevent Fire Outbreaks In This Harmattan Season!


Photo Credit: GRAPHIC.COM.GH

With the incessant outbreak of fire in this Harmattan Season, it’s crucial to alert Nigerians of the need to be more careful.

As we witness more harsh conditions in this harmattan season, Nigerians are advised to take precautionary measures against the effects of the harmattan in order to avoid fire occurrences.
There is urgent need to undertake the following precautions:

1.Improve on our housekeeping culture

2.Check indiscriminate refuse and bush burning

3.Avoid wrong and improper storage of petroleum

4.Use of candle and firewood to light the house at night should at least stop for now. You can use torchlight or rechargeable lamp.

5. Ensure the use of proper electrical appliances to avoid sparks and electrical fires. Put off the power supply at the main switch or control board in the incident of power failure to prevent power surge once the power is restored.

6.Proper storage and handling of inflammable substances. Never spray your insecticides near your cooking stove or gas cooker!


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