Kaduna Electric Dismiss Media Article Captioned- ‘Re: Attention, Fashola…Petition Against KEDCO’


The attention of the Management of Kaduna Electric, the operator of the Kaduna Electricity Distribution Company, has been drawn to an article with the above caption on the Letters to the Editor’s page of Daily Trust Tuesday, November 29, 2016(page 43) written by Das Abdullahi from Malali GRA, Kaduna.
The article can at best be described as the opinion of the author and not a product of any scientific knowledge or experience in energy metering.
Perhaps, unknown to Das Abdullahi, pole mounted energy meter is not a new phenomenon in Nigeria or peculiar to Kaduna Electric. This is a universal innovation being practice all over the world, including our dear country. It is a universal best practice being adopted by all the Electricity Distribution Companies in Nigeria to ensure honest, transparent and fair business relationship.
One the merits of the pole mounted energy meter is that it reduces to the barest minimum, human intervention in energy accountability-unauthorised tampering, bye-pass, shunting etc- and the attendant human errors associated with such human intervention. In a nutshell, it ensures that all actors in the transaction get value for their money/services and no party is short changed.
On the effect of “high temperatures, severe weather and rains” as speculated by Das Abdullahi, we want to assure all our esteemed customers that the apprehension is completely unfounded. These smart meters are outdoor equipment manufactured to function effectively under any condition. In addition, the meters met all international standards and were subjected to all quality assurance tests by relevant regulatory and technical inspection agencies before they were deployed to the customers.
Besides recording the customers’ energy consumption, these meters perform multiple valued added functions that enable the Company to increase its efficiency and response time. For example, the meter monitors the quality of electricity being supplied to the customers and send a message to the central server if there is any deviation. It also accords the customers the opportunity to subscribe to energy at the comfort of his/her home or office.
On the allegation that unused “units” on the old meters are not being transferred to the new meter, nothing could be further from the truth than this. All “units” on the old meters are being transferred to the old meters within the shortest time possible. As expected with such major projects, a few glitches are bound to occur and we apologise for any inconvenience to customers. If there is any customer who is yet to have units transferred to his new meter, he/she should kindly come forward to head office or call 08037865747 within Kaduna and that shall be done immediately.
Abdulazeez Abdullahi, Head of Corporate Communication, Kaduna Electric.

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