Power Distribution Averages 3,000MW In 4 Months

A new report by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), shows that power distribution across Nigeria fell to as low as 2,472.00 MW on the 28th of October, 2016.
Despite the low figure recorded in the month, Power sent out between July and October still averaged 3,000MW.
According to the Bureau, NBS, Daily Energy report Produced and Sent Out from July to October, 3,803.07MW of energy was sent out on the 17th October 2016. This contradicts earlier figures that put energy generation at well over 4,000MW.
This is in spite of 60,546MW and 92,511 MW of energy generated on the 28th and the 17th of October respectively by the various generating companies.
In the period under review, the highest form of energy generated and sent out was recorded in September.
According to available data, 89,455MW of energy was generated while 3,635.25MW of energy was sent out on the 29th of September.
In the same month, 62,526MW was generated by the Generating Companies, GENCOs, while 2,557MW of energy was sent out by the Distribution Companies, DISCOs on the 16th of September, representing the lowest in energy generated and sent out by the various power companies.
Even in August and July 2016, data showed that energy sent out stood at 3,648.93MW and 3,019.38MW on 18 August and 11 July respectively, being the highest for both months.

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