Ibadan Disco To Replace 200,000 Meters

The Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC) has said that it will gradually withdraw and replace 200,000 meters from consumers under its franchise zones. These meters are to be replaced with new smart meters.

The Chairman of IBEDC, Dr. Tunde Ayeni said that the distribution company will be doing this in partnership with Trans-Sahara Consortium in Ibadan.

He said the meters will be replaced in order to put an end to meter related illegal practices like meter bypass. He also said that the replacement will be done with no extra cost on the part of the electricity consumers.

The Chairman revealed all this when he signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Trans-Sahara Consortium stating that the project will cost up to $400 million. Dr Ayeni expressed his confidence in the fact that the new meters will eliminate distrust between the electricity consumers and the distribution company. He also stated some fascinating functions that the meters will be able to perform.

He said that there will be an in-house and external meter with a control panel that will notify the consumer once the card is about to finish, adding that any interference with the meter will make it to shut down. Also, the system according to him will shut down some appliances in the home when the card is getting low and completely shut down electricity when it finishes.

“This is an investment drive to provide optimum service for our customers within our area of franchise. We are partnering Trans Sahara Consortium to install smart metering programme within our areas of distribution. This MoU we have signed today will attract an investment of $400 million to cover the metering plan and infrastructure upgrade within our coverage areas.

“This new technology has been installed in 32 countries. It is a technology that is just coming to Nigeria. This will solve the problem of mistrust between consumers and Discos. It will allow us to monitor electricity consumption and it is a self auditing system that takes control out of the hands of humans and allows us to know exactly what has been consumed.”

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