Misalignment of vision, polices, others threaten power sector-Chairman Egbin



Kola Adesina, the chairman of the Egbin Power Plc, has called on the Federal Government and operators for a redress of the challenges facing the power sector.
He attributed the problems of the sector to misalignment of vision, policies as well as non-consultation and inclusion of operators and stakeholders before a policy is implemented. In his statement at maiden Power Sector Round-table organized by Sahara Power Group Ltd in Lagos, he stated it was impossible for every Nigerian to be metered, that estimated billing is a universal phenomenon and not a Nigerian thing.

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GENCOs urge FG to place vital gas pipelines on a franchise.
The generation companies (GENCOs),  has urged the Federal Government to put on franchise some of the gas pipelines in strategic locations especially the Niger-Delta region in order to guarantee surplus gas supply to thermal plants and avoid vandalism.
Dr. Joy  Ogaji, Chairman of Association of Power Generation Companies, APGC, in an exclusive interview with Vanguard in Abuja, has made known the challenge of no-availability of gas does not only affect the Gencos but the entire power sector. Quoting a report from Nigerian National  Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, she said it has revealed that there has been an improvement in the supply of gas to power plants by 88.89 percent between January 2017 and January 2018. According to her, the unavailability of gas leads to losing electricity on a daily basis as this has been evident at the beginning of the year where the sector lost over 1,500 megawatts electricity due to the shortage of gas.  The consequences of inadequate gas supply on the GENCOs, she says, is the question is not whether the gas is enough but the real question should be, are gas pipelines secured? Is NGC willing to be to supply gas to GENCOs without their contracts being effective or without Letters of Credit, LC?

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A fresh tussle over the right to sell electricity in Ariaria Market

For years, between 2013 and 2016, both Geometrics and Interstate engaged in a court case that sought to determine who has the right to sell electricity in Aba and Ariaria districts. The legal warfare has continued with NERC falling to find a solution.
The regulatory commission has initiated some regulatory mediatory steps,  and at a time attempted to conduct a public hearing on the issue, with the intention of democratically deciding the best solution to the quagmire apparently created by the government when it at first failed to adhere to or amend the exclusive distribution service agreements it reportedly signed with Gemetrics.

Osinbajo, have urged that both parties to fashion out a win-win solution to the issue and sign a fresh pact within which they will cooperate, make the most of their investments.

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