New NERC Chairman States Aim To Solve Regulatory Challenges in Power Market

The new chairman of the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), Prof. James Momoh, has stated his am of solving regulatory challenges in the Nigerian Power market including the lack of a cost efficient tariff and seeming lack of independence of the regulator. The Chairman is reputed to be a first class Electricity Engineer who has worked across different chains of the electricity industry both home and abroad.

Commenting on how he plans to keep NERC up to date with the regulations of the power market, he said;

Trainings and workshops will be organised. Experts from abroad will be brought here to share knowledge with us. My network is very strong in this area, and I plan to very quickly propose workshops and knowledge exchanges. Our universities will be involved because we have good ideas that will solve the market problems and this is not going to be by the engineers and investors talking, the academia has to be engaged.

There is always a partnership between the academia and industry in America, so, I plan on that, and I will talk to a lot of my colleagues here to proffer solutions to the problems of the power market. We will work with the economists in Nigeria. It is my hope that the capacity will be improved to help solve the problems of the sector, we want to recommend how to solve future problems.


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Anambra Government calls for Reduction in Electricity Tariff During NERC organized Town Hall meeting in Akwa


The Anambra Government has called on the Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC) for the reduction in Electricity Tariff. The call was made by the Commissioner for Power and Public Utilities Mr. Obi Nwankwo, who was represented by the Special Adviser to the Governor on Power and Public Utilities, Engr. Victor Meju during a one-day town hall meeting organized by Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) held in Awka.  Mr. Nwankwo said some other DisCos in the country charge less than what is obtained in this part of the country and repeated the call for the provision of meters to the people.

Most participants in the meeting raised the issues of estimated billings as well as epileptic power supply in the area while also complaining that most of them have not been given meters yet. Reacting to the issues raised, The General manager of EEDC, Mr. Paul Okeke said that the company had expended over ten billion naira on meters and called on consumers to be patient with them as they plan to meter every part of the state by September this year.


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Osun State Governorship Aspirant Encourages States to Explore Alternative Energy Sources


Dr. Ayoade Adewopo , a governorship aspirant on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party in Osun State, has called on the Federal Government to fix the electricity problem hampering the progress of the country. He advised the Federal Government to allow state Governments to explore alternative sources of energy within their respective domain. He noted that the current 6,000MW of electricity being generated in the country is grossly inadequate for the whole country and that there is urgent need to increase it.

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NERC Grants 8 More Companies Approval to Participate in Procurement Process to obtain MAP Permit


The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) has granted approval to eight additional companies to participate in the procurement process for meter in the Nigeria Electricity Supply Industry (NESI). The total number of companies approved by the Commission rounds up to thirty (30) where successful bidders from the procurement process shall obtain Meter Asset Provider Permit from the Commission after entering into Metering Service Agreement with electricity distribution companies.


The additional companies include ;

  1. Carlin Concept International Nigeria Limited;
  2. Onenation Energy Platform Nigeria Limited;
  3. Armese Consulting Limited;
  4. CWG Plc;
  5. Damtaq Limited;
  6. Powerup Projects International Limited;
  7. Esinos Resources International Limited;
  8. Techadvance Limited.

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