Nigeria: Hope Rises for Better Supply as Generation Rebounds to 3,876MW

The transmission company of Nigeria (TNC), have reported on Tuesday that electricity generation and supply has increased to 3, 87.9MW after losing 1,087.6 MW to poor gas supply to the nation’s thermal stations last Sunday. The generation loss and the pipeline rupture has led to the shutdown of Ihovbor, Azura, Omotosho, Geregu, OlorunSogo, and Sapele Power Plants which threatened to throw the nation into darkness.
Mrs. Ndidi Mbah, TCN’s General Manager, Public Affairs, in her statement to THISDAY said gas supply to the GENCOs is gradually building up, within a day or two, electricity generation and supply would be restored to normalcy. NNPC has restored the ruptured pipeline and gas is gradually building up in most generating stations, in a day or two it is expected that gas and power supply would be back to normal, said Mbah. She further stated the indication that power supply has improved is the increase in power generation into the national grid, supply has increased to 3,876.9MW as at 5:00 pm on Monday, June 18, 2018.

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NDPHC Boss, Ugbo, Speaks at Africa Energy Forum in Mauritius

The Niger Delta Power Holding Company Limited (NDPHC)’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Chinedu Ugbo, has joined other global energy experts in Mauritius to discuss, set goals and action points for the future power sector in Africa. The theme for the forum is “Reflection on the Last 20 Years and Setting Goals and Action Points for the Next 20 years.” Mr. Ugbo, the chief executive officer of NDPHC, the handler of 10 gas-fired plants with 4,774 megawatts (MW) electricity generation capacity under the National Integrated Power Project (NIPP) is a speaker at the forum. The company has done generation projects by supporting transmission, distribution, and gas transport infrastructure projects. Completed and commissioned about 250 distribution projects including 295 low loss High Voltage Distribution System Projects comprising 3,540MVA injection substation capacity, 2,600km of 11kv lines and 1,700km of 33kv lines.

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NERC Suspends Directors, MGT Staff of Ibadan Disco over N6bn Misappropriation

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) has suspended the Board of Directors and other key management staff of Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC) for their failure to recover an inappropriate shareholder loan of N 6 billion. The company is among the first of the Discos to get a loan of 11.36bn from the N213bn NEMSF and also partook in an N39bn loan along with five other firms in 2016.
A statement by the Media Head, Vivian Mbonu, the commission through an order No. NERC/181/2018 of June 19, 2018, have stated that the IEDMG is the core investor In IBEDC following the privatization of electricity Distribution Companies(DIsCos) by the Federal Government and the loan granted by IBEDC were funds released to all DIsCos to improve the networks and reduce Aggregate Technical, Commercial and Collection losses (ATC&c). NERC has earlier fined IBEDC N5o Million on September 18, 2017, for non-compliance to recover the outstanding sum of N5.7bm being the balance of the loan granted by the utility to IEDMG. The commission is yet to announce if the suspension was indefinite or for a period of time.

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Discos: Uninterrupted Power Supply Impossible without Credible Headcount


The Executive Director of ANED, Mr. Sunday Oduntan, spoke yesterday in Abeokuta, Ogun State at a stakeholders’ forum with the theme, “Estimated Billings, Inability to Provide Prepaid Meters, Non-Compliance with National Electricity Regulation Commission (NERC) Regulations and Erratic Power Supply in Ogun State By IBEDC and IKEDC”, organized by the state House of Assembly. In his statement at the forum he said, for customers to enjoy uninterrupted power supply, the country would have to generate, at least 180,000 megawatts of electricity to ensure stable and adequate power supply. Noted that power generation in the country is currently too low and unless the Federal Government steps up efforts at ensuring the generation of more megawatts to meet up with the needs of Nigerians every other effort would amount to an exercise in futility. He, however, commended the efforts of the present administration in increasing power generation to 5,150 megawatts, the highest in the country since 1980. Odauntan, also disclosed a 4.1 million meter gap, while talking on the meter distribution to consumers, and added that N295 billion would be needed by Discos to provide both three-phase prepaid and postpaid meters at the rate of N7,3000 per unit.

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