Organized Labour Calls For The Reversal Of Power Sector Privatization

The United Labour Congress (ULC) has called for the reversal of the power sector reforms and privatization of 2013. This call was made by the organized labour’s president Mr. Joe Ajaero, who claims that the power sector has truly failed Nigerians. He emphasized that government is still in the habit of funding the private investors that have taken over since 2013.

He further mentioned that same approach has been adopted by the United Kingdom on its railways sector in an attempt to salvage what is left of the sector. He called on the Federal Government to adopt similar approach to rescue the power sector from imminent collapse.


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Mr. Ajaero noted that “It has been a harvest of woes. The United Kingdom has done the needful with their railways on seeing the woes the sector was bringing to the nation. The government has started reversing the privatization of that sector. Nigeria government should emulate this and do the most sensible thing at this time by mustering the needed courage to reverse the nation’s electricity sector privatization”.

Ajaero said labour considered it an embarrassing paradox that Nigeria has continued paying the private individuals that captured the DISCOs and GENCOs despite their repaying the nation with darkness.

He said, “Our findings show that the government has paid about N1tr to these private entities and this is most befuddling. It is, therefore, better to reverse the sale so that instead of paying these companies. Nigeria can manage its funds for the purposes of generating and delivering power to our homes and organizations.”


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He however called on the government to move towards delivering the benefits of democracy to the people especially Nigerian workers, adding that the country’s testimony of harvests of benefits will be the demonstration of Government’s service and commitment to the people.


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