‘Power firms don’t gain anything from blackouts’ – Punch

Power firms do not gain anything from blackouts as their business is to sell electricity to consumers, Mr Kola Adesina, the Group MD, Sahara Power Group, has said. Adesina stated this on Monday in Lagos, adding that the absence of cost-reflective tariff was limiting the power providers’ capacity to deliver better services.

 “The current pricing formula being adopted for electricity in Nigeria cannot and will not engender availability in any way or form. To make it so simple for us, the hypothetical price of electricity is N10; meanwhile, the government by regulation says we should charge N6. How possible is it for us to continue to create a commodity and sell below the cost price?” he said at the inauguration of Ikeja Electric’s PTC Undertaking Office in Ikeja GRA.

Adesina stated, “As we speak today, the intention of the government ultimately will be after politics, then let’s get back to common sense of pricing the commodity correctly. But while that is going on, please note that the capacity and capability of the providers of the service will be limited. We wish we can do more; we want to do more.

Power Supply Threatened as DSS Allegedly Aids Seizure of TCN’s Facility-ThisDay

There’s a looming threat of nationwide blackout as electricity supplies may witness another round of disruptions from the transmission end. This threat will become a reality if an alleged takeover of the fibre optic infrastructure of the TCN by a private telecommunication firm-Phase 3, despite a subsisting court order over franchise tussle for the network, is allowed to stay.

Information gathered yesterday in Abuja from a petition obtained from the Office of the Attorney General of the Federation (AGF) and Minister of Justice, Mr. Abubakar Malami, that the operations of the TCN is looking likely to be impaired by a forced takeover of its fibre optic network by Phase 3 Telecom-a concessionaire it is presently in court with for allegedly failing to abide by the terms of a $40 million fibre optic network infrastructure deal they signed in March 2006.

 The petition claimed that the DSS has helped the telecoms firm to take over and man the TCN’s fibre optic infrastructure against a court order. It came at a time about 2187.7 MW of electricity could not be supplied to Nigerians on account of constraints specifically from the grid.



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