How To Reduce Your Electricity Bill Through Smart Ironing

If you know the wattage of your iron (they seem to range from 1kW to 3kW), the price of your electricity (₦30 per kWh), and how many hours you spend ironing each day/month/year, it should be possible to calculate how much money and electricity you “waste” each year ironing.

Nevertheless, pressing irons are essential in every home -they remove wrinkles from your clothes, ensuring you look smart always.

Here we look at some smart ironing ways that can help you Save more money from electricity bills:

  •  Check the iron rating before buying – Dry irons tend to consume less electricity than steam irons.


  • Iron large batches of cloths if possible once in a week.


  • Sort out the laundry, separate the denims, the cotton blouses, shorts, skirts, t-shirts, before plugging in the flat iron. Sprinkle with water on those clothes that are hard to straighten out. This will reduce the time for ironing it, and saves electric consumption in the process. Also, remember to dampen cloths moderately.


  • Iron first those that require low temperature to reduce warm up time, and then work up to those requiring higher heat.


  • Never overheat the iron. Use the appropriate temperature for the type of clothes you’re ironing.


  • Switch the iron off in the last few minutes of ironing. The remaining heat will be enough to press lighter materials.


  • Don’t iron everything. Consider using fabric conditioners when washing so it will be easier to iron them or at best, you don’t need to anymore.


  • Also, make sure to schedule your ironing in the morning when it is cooler, and to iron clothes just once a week .


Note: More electricity is being consumed if ironing is done daily since the amount of heat generated by the flat iron is not maximised, unlike when you are ironing big batches of clothes.

This simple tips can help you reduce your bill, thus saving you some money.


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