How to reduce your Electricity through Air-Conditioning

An average household dedicates about 15% of its energy budget to Cooling/Air Conditioning. Switching
to energy-efficient Air-conditions is one of the fastest ways to cut your energy bills. However, you can
still Stay cool and save money with these energy-saving tips:
1. Keep the AC Lower at Night: During the night you don’t require the same level of conscious cool. Try
turning your AC down (so it is running less) during your sleep hours or, if your unit has one, utilize the
“sleep mode” which lowers the output on a timer.
2. Use Window or Portable Units: If you aren’t into cooling your whole home, try using a portable unit to
cool just the area you’ll be working in. They use up to 50% less energy than a larger central air unit
would cool off the same space.
3. Use the timer function: Even in the dry season, most nights cool right down meaning you won’t
always need to have your air conditioner running overnight – and draining your wallet. Familiarizing yourself with the ‘timer’ function lets you run your air conditioner only when you need it most, this will
help keep costs down on your electricity bill.
4. Close Off Vents: The basement is traditionally the coolest room in the home, so try closing all the
vents in the lower portion of your home. The cool air will slink down there naturally and by closing those
vents, you’re forcing all the air up top first, cooling as it comes down.

5. Keep the Maintenance Schedule: A worn out air conditioner will usually drain more power than a well maintained one. Factors like coolant leaks, stuck vents, and cracks in the casing can all cause your air conditioner to work overtime.
And of course, poor maintenance can eventually lead to a total breakdown, and we know these things
aren’t cheap to replace.
So keep a record of when your unit was last serviced, and call in a technician for a general cleaning once
a year. You might also want to check if the manufacturer or your property manager offers special rates
for these services.
6. Invest in a solar battery: Investing in a solar battery now will have an enormous impact on your electricity bills in the long run by installing a Solar Battery, you’ll enjoy cheap air conditioning all day long without breaking the bank. It lets you use your own stored energy at peak times for free, rather than buying from the grid! If you’d like to know more about PowerBug solar battery setups, get in touch with one of our awesome consultants today. We can help you identify the right setup for your home to help you maximize your savings

7. Check Your Ducts: Making sure the areas where your ducts run through parts of your home without
air conditioning (like the attic) are properly insulated will keep the air coming in as cool as it can be.
Paying for half cool air isn’t anyone’s idea of money well spent!
8. Lighting: Turning lights off can help reduce your heat, but paying attention to how much light you let
in from open windows can also play a significant role. Although it might seem neurotic to open and close
your windows every day with the changing of the sun, it makes a huge difference in how much heat your
a.c. is competing against.

9. Is Anyone Home?: If you can, while you away turn your AC up to 85 and make sure the windows
and drapes are closed. Although it will be hot for a few minutes when you come home, the blinds will
help keep the sun out (allowing existing cool to stay that way for as long as possible) and the heat won’t
be so substantial that your unit will have to work overtime to cool the room back off.
10. Don’t Forget The Fan: We rely on air conditioners to keep things cool, but having the help of a few
supplemental fans doesn’t hurt. Using them to circulate the cool air means you don’t need quite as
much pumped into the room. They use less energy than your air conditioner unit, so having them
around as a backup is a great idea.
When it comes to cooling our homes, quite often a lot of the electricity we use is wasted rather than
necessary. we leave Air-Conditioners in unoccupied rooms or leave them on when we leave the house.
And every time you’re wasting electricity, that’s wasted money when your next electricity bill arrives.
What are your tips for saving money on Air-conditioning?


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