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Musings And Thoughts On The Nigerian Power Sector

Looking back to three decades, one gets to see that epileptic power supply has been one constant variable in this nation. Be it outages or load shedding, the stories don’t change, neither has the changing of ownership sufficed. Power generation and distribution has moved and changed ownership in recent times bur still, nothing.

Growing up, especially in Rivers state, i can say power control has changed hands three times, from NEPA to PHCN and now PHED, yet the system remains the same and taking a nose dive into a downward plunge. So Far, privatization has been a case of putting an old wine in a new sack, same taste, same quality appearing in a new casing. Whereas, the solution to the nemesis in the power sector lies in changing the content first, before the sack.

One would think with privatization and years of investments, the power situation in the country would have greatly improved, to a point where we c<an at least boast of 20-hours of electricity per day. This would have greatly affected our national economy in terms of skilled production, industrialization, education send human capital development. Albeit, we are a far cry from achieving this-which begs the question, where in lies the problem in the Nigerian power sector?

Is ours a case of ignorance on the part of our leaders who form policies, or lack of the know-how in providing solutions to the endemic crisis bedeviling the nations electricity or just pure negligence and lack of concern on the parts of those in the helm of affairs? If the first and later is the case, suffice it to say, the nation can opt for leaders and policy  makers who have the requisite knowledge to handle this affair so as to catapult the nation out of it’s present state. Also, it won’t be so much a taboo for a nation who lacks the know-how to seek external help- this will not only help in providing a permanent solution to the crisis in the sector but also serve as a training ground for the people manning the system as well which will serve for posterity.

The question now is, will Nigeria ever come to a point of constant power supply, if yes when?

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