AEDC Outage Prolonged Alert

As a result of the challenges with 100MVA Transformers in Apo Transmission Station, the under listed areas within the AEDC network are currently out of supply. They are Kobi Village, Gbaduma 1&2, Back of Transmission, Trade Moore, Yayale Ahmed, Sunny Vale, El-Rufai Estate, Olumpia Estate, Adisa Estate, Gaduwa, Guru and parts of Durumi, Gold Gate Estate, NNPC Quarters, Brains and Hammers, Legislative Quarters, Prince & Princesses, Kaura Market, Kabusa, EFAB Estate, Apo Mechanic, Apo Resettlement, While its, Figba Kasa, Basic Estate, Road Safety and Environs.

We are working with our colleagues in TCN to see how this can be quickly resolved today in order to bring the affected customers back to the network.

Thank you for your patience.


Source: AEDC Twitter


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