Wind Energy Science Conference 2019

The wind energy science conference (WESC) is set to take place between the 17th till the 20th of June, 2019 at Cork in Ireland. This will be the first time the conference will be taking place outside the mainland Europe, bringing up to 900 of the world’s leading wind energy scientists and engineers from over 38 countries to the University college Cork. The wind energy science conference (WESC) has been organized by the European Academy of Wind Energy (EAWE), in association with MaREI (Marine and Renewable Energy Institute), the SFI research centre for marine and renewable energy coordinated by University College Cork and it was launched in 2015 in order to complement the scientist Torque conferences.

Wind energy science conference (WESC) offers an approach that is wide in incorporating storage techniques, community acceptance, Economics, Electrical aspects and policy. The vision behind the wind energy science conference (WESC ) is to provide a multi-disciplinary forum for discussion where delegates can explore the latest developments in the wind energy science, pinpoint trends and meet and engage future collaborators.

In line with the vision, the event has been designed with 8 different themes for  900 delegates attending a total of 700 talks across 140 sessions. Some of the themes are offshore and wind energy, structure, safety and reliability, turbine life cycle consideration, etc

the topic of discussion at the conference is the development of floating wind turbines which has been promised to be the “next best thing” in renewable energy generation, because of the likelihood of mass production and the lower environmental impact that it has. This conference will give scientists and engineers the opportunity to have an open forum for presenting their last findings, discuss challenges being faced and come up with solutions to aid better works.  The conference promises to be of great impact.

Registrations are still on-going.

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