ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit 2019

The ARPA-E (Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy) Energy Innovation Summit is an annual conference and technology platform that brings together experts from different technical disciplines and professional communities to come up with solutions to America’s energy challenges in new, innovative and effective ways. 2019 ARPA-E Energy innovation summit has been set for the 8 th to the 10 th of July, 2019 at Gaylord Rockers, Denver, Colorado. Being the tenth year since its inception, the ARPA-E innovation Summit promises to be a fresh, three-day program aimed at moving innovative energy technologies out of the lab and into the market.

At the ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit, practical seminars would be held and those in attendance would be given the opportunity to attend the summit. Those in attendance would have the privilege to network with breakthrough network companies, federal government leaders, researchers and entrepreneurs who are ready to collaborate. Industrial leaders and luminaries would give insightful keynotes on the future of energy technology.

Aside that, the opportunity to apply in order to have your breakthrough technology featured in the highly regarded technology showcase will be possible. The summit will attract the ‘who is who’ in energy technology innovation ranging from top researchers and technologists to influential policy-makers, investors and other relevant decision makers in the energy industry. Furthermore, partners would be welcome from a collection of industries and organization types including industrial firms, Professional service providers, R&D laboratories, financial institutions,
investors and others.

The summit will also have a student program for student energy leaders to participate. A diverse range of technical scientific, business and policy students from top institutions who are energy leaders in their respective campuses are expected to be in attendance. The summit will also create a platform whereby technologies would be showcased. Some of the technologies to be shown are advanced fuels, carbon capture & utilizations, control systems, power electronics, building efficiency, etc.

In order to participate in the summit, registrations are on-going and a required fee has to be made before you are granted an acceptance to the event. For more information, visit the website


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